Lake Isabella Property


10 Unit Garden Style Apartment Complex

20% UPSIDE in rents.

Strong income-producing, pride of ownership property that is in great condition.

Located at Lake Isabella in the Kern River Valley

Priced at $1,199,000 (only $119,900 per unit.) for LARGE, Clean Units.

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Lake Isabella is a serene reservoir nestled in the southern Sierra Nevada mountains of California. Known for its scenic beauty and recreational opportunities, the lake offers activities such as fishing, boating, and camping against a backdrop of stunning mountain vistas.

Interior Photos

Further enhancing its appeal, the area of Lake Isabella is known for its natural beauty, recreational opportunities, and growing community, factors that contribute to a steady demand for rental properties. This demand is expected to drive up rental prices and, consequently, increase the property's income potential over time. Additionally, Lake Isabella's strategic location and its appeal to tourists and residents alike suggest that the property will not only retain its value but is also likely to appreciate, offering investors a chance for capital gains. Investors will appreciate the property's well-maintained condition, which reduces the immediate need for repairs and upgrades, thereby minimizing initial additional investments. This turnkey solution allows investors to begin realizing returns on their investment without delay. The property's diverse mix of units caters to a wide range of tenants, from singles and couples to small families, enhancing its rental appeal and occupancy rates.

Financials & Rent

This property offers a compelling opportunity for investors looking to capitalize on a steady rental income while also positioning themselves for potential growth in the future. Situated in Lake Isabella, a location where investment properties of this caliber are rare, it stands out as a promising option for both seasoned and new investors. The current gross annual income of $109,000 underscores its profitability and the effective management of the property to date.

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